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by Gabe Ripley - March 8th 2022

Topics: SEO, Marketing, Best 

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– Gabe Ripely (quoting from the author is bad form)
Owner TattooNOW & CTO/Partner Reinventing the Tattoo
Gabe Ripley (Guest Bio) stated programming BASIC when he was 8 years old, and dropped out of college twice but that didn’t stop him from teaching college level computer courses at age 20! Since the mid-nineties he has been helping artists use technology to propel and secure their careers and business. Travel has been a staple of Gabe’s business and personal life since hitch-hiking barefoot through eastern Europe in 1992. In 2007 Gabe started producing professional development events and has produced or co-produced a 4 day tattoo gathering, an art retreat, a 2 day conference, and numerous single day events. Event locations include resorts in Massachusetts, Colorado, New Mexico, Venice Italy, and Dublin Ireland among others. 
He is progressive in politics and business. Since reading Issac Asimov books growing up, thinking about vast visions as well as the impact of our actions for the short, long, and very long term has been ingrained into Gabe’s thinking. He defines success by how much he can afford to give back, and helps produce benefit events. His mission is to make a long lasting positive mark on the world (or at least get three weeks vacation!). Various articles written by and about Gabe can be found online and in the real world via magazines, books, and podcasts as he loves to talk once someone gets him started.

Gabe's new course "Reinventing the Tattoo Business" will keep him from getting a real job with your help!

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  • Reinventing the Tattoo
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  • Needlejig Tattoo Supply
  • Inspiring.Tours
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  • Longer statements about the different topics discussed. Some of the solutions.
  • The topics will be great for search engines, and should come from the time-coded transcript
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More Guest Quotes:

"Does this ever end? Is it really necessary to have all this shit in one place?"
- Left Brain

"Yes, and yes. It will end, and it is necessary. as all the info is what will make people come back. First to consume, then as an advocate to share."
- Right Brain

"How many quotes?"
- Left Brain

"As many as you identify as awesome and sharabe..."
- Right Brain

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