Reinventing The Tattoo is a continuing education program for professional tattooists and apprentices of professionals, written and produced by recognized artist Guy Aitchison. For much of his decades long career, Guy has taught seminars and written books on various subjects in tattooing such as color use or composition. In 2001, he released the first edition of Reinventing, which at the time was designed to accompany a day-long seminar that he was teaching at conventions. Eventually it was released as a stand-alone book, consisting of a 250 page looseleaf bound black and white book plus a small number of color pages and web links to color versions of all the book's black and white illustrations. Although the format of the book's first edition was simple, it embodied a clear overview of the most important elements of tattoo design and how to apply these ideas on skin. The forum that was started in connection with the book has had contributions by hundreds of artists of all levels of experience.
In February of 2009, Guy released the second edition of Reinventing The Tattoo. Far from being a minor upgrade to the first edition, the new version is a complete redesign and rebuild in a vastly more colorful, user-friendly format. It's a 368 page, full-color hardbound boxed edition that comes with a 75 minute DVD including 40 video clips relating directly to material in the book. This deluxe educational package is the end result of three years of work; if you've ever had a question you've wanted to ask Guy about tattooing, the answer is probably here.Reinventing The Tattoo is for professional tattooists and apprentices of professionals. It is NOT an A-Z guide, and will not show you how to tattoo from scratch. It is not meant to show you how to tattoo, but to show how to tattoo better.

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