Webinar LIVE May 20th 3-5pm est

The Holistic Approach by Nick Baxter

With his Holistic Approach seminar, 23 year tattooer and artist Nick Baxter presents a methodical, scientific method for devising successful tattoo strategies for any scenario. The holistic approach aims to shake tattooists free of rigid and limiting mindsets by presenting the tattoo process in a big picture context, in which any tattooer can find their own unique solutions regardless of genre or style. Advanced layering techniques are also explained as solutions to many of the complex challenges tattooers face while executing large multi-session pieces. If you’ve ever felt lost or stuck with your tattooing practice, or overwhelmed with all the choices and information available, this is the seminar for you. It is designed to cut through the clutter and show you how to find your own methodical approach to the craft. 2 hour lecture with slide presentation.
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Nick Baxter

Tattooer, painter, instructor, writer

Nick has gained international acclaim in the body art community for his thought-provoking, innovative motifs, and for his combination of fine art and technical tattooing skills, being featured in tattoo art magazines around the world, fine art publications and books, and numerous gallery exhibitions.