Next Trimester starts June 15th

Reinventing The Tattoo Evolution: A Hands On Learning Experience

In this 48 week interactive course, Guy Aitchison guides you through the fundamentals of effective tattoo design and technique. Every week participants get a combination of written chapters, webinars, recorded exercises and tattoo challenges along with Guy’s Live Monday Night Exercises that he leads every week, which you can join via Zoom. Enrollment is open 3 times a year before each 16 week trimester begins.

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Throughout this course you will have access to:

    • Weekly live exercises with Guy Aitchison
    • Hours of content
    • Days of videos
    • Dozens of exercises
    • Goal Sessions & Critiques

Evolve your tattooing!

Join fellow tattoo artists from around the world on a journey to more epic tattoos.

Trimester has started!


"Without a doubt I would absolutely recommend Reinventing The Tattoo and in particular the Monday night classes. The benefits are tremendous and as a tattoo artist it's a no brainer."
Bruno Salvatierra
Tattoo Artist
"I have been recommending Reinventing The Tattoo for the last 18 years of my career... because it's just such an asset.There is just so much in there."
Markus Lenhard
Tattoo Artist
"I tell everyone who I come in contact with how awesome Reinventing The Tattoo is and if you want to be electrified and you want to be inspired this is the place to go."
Lori Lillimagi-Boehm
Tattoo Artist

Guy Aitchison

Tattoo Artist, Painter, Founder
Guy Aitchison began tattooing in 1988 and started his journey into the educational side of things not too long afterwards. His first seminar, he handed out a 30 page booklet for artists to take home and once several more of those had been made he decided to put them together to create "Reinventing The Tattoo". Since then it has evolved from a 3 ring binder to a hard cover book, to an online platform to where we are now. Guy has been helping tattoo artists become better for decades.