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Reinventing the Tattoo Canon 1 Year

Receive immediate access to decades of ground breaking tattooing, both fundamentals and the cutting edge of the craft. 

Perfect to accompany your apprenticeship, or to re-read/watch decades later to brush up on Guy and the Reinventing the Tattoo Artist's latest & greatest inspirations & lessons learned. 

Guy Aitchison started inspiring tattooers of all skill levels seeking to better their art & craft in 1993.

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Join the thousands of tattooers who have improved their art, tattoos, and client experience with Guy Aitchison's Reinventing the Tattoo Canon. This community is dedicated to creating better artwork, better tattoos, & becoming better artists.

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For decades this course fills the knowledge gaps that artists have in tattooing, as these are the very foundations of any modern tattoo creation.
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Course reviews

"I recently had the good fortune to get a sneak peak at Guy Aitchison’s latest brainchild, the digital version of his legendary book “Reinventing the Tattoo”. I quickly realized that this project is far more than an updated digital book. It is, instead, a living, breathing, and constantly growing visual diary of one of the great tattooers of our time. Filled with high quality photos and videos, this product offers tons of tattoo theory and practical advice. It is clear that a lot of work and care went into its development. One of the nicest surprises I found are the growing number of guest chapters written by some of the most progressive and influential artists working today. Want to know how Nick Baxter gets those beautiful textures or how Phil Garcia approaches his photorealistic roses? The answers are in the book.
While this product won’t (and is not intended to) replace a traditional apprenticeship, I believe it is a glimpse of how we will educate artists in the future and how we will continue to raise the standard for tattooing going forward. After all, if a small group of entrepreneurs can transform education in 3rd world countries with an ipad, we can surely teach a small town aspiring artist (with few local opportunities) a skill that will reward her for a lifetime. Be sure to take a look at Reinventing the Tattoo at
Thanks, as always, for supporting what we do."
Jake Meeks
Fireside Tattoo Network
Join countless tattooers & apprentices today

Reinventing the Tattoo Canon 1 Year

Immediate access to decades of ground breaking tattooing, both fundamentals and the cutting edge of the craft.

Guy Aitchison

Tattoo Artist, Painter, instructor, writer, founder
When Guy Aitchison was 16, his sister Hannah approached him from out of the blue and asked him if he felt like going to get tattooed. Guy had never thought about the subject before, indeed had never seen any tattoo work walking around that had made him think anything about tattooing. But the idea immediately appealed very strongly to him. They made an appointment at a grungy local shop for the following week, during which time Guy played around with drawings for the piece. And he had dreams: Dreams of getting tattooed. Of doing tattoos. Of teaching tattooing... of standing on a stage addressing a tattooed crowd. He knew right away that he had found his calling.

Course reviews

“‘Covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. It was nice to see Guy in action.’
Eric Anderson
I gotta tell ya, and I know I say this a lot, but this forum has been a big time inspiration. It’s relit this flame of creating and being involved in a community that I had wondered was possible. Here it is. ”
Tattooer: Candor Tattoo