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Realistic 3D Areola Tattoo Webinar

Learn the dimension, color, and artistry of creating life changing tattoos. You will learn the process of how to create a fully realistic 3D areola/nipple tattoo on multiple skin tones. Artists have the option to join hands on. You are encouraged to tattoo your fake skins during class so she can work with you on perfecting your techniques at the same time, live via Zoom.  


Starting date

Recorded 2022



What you are going to learn
While explaining the process, you will get to see the tattooing being done at the same time close up, as well as select pre-recorded videos with explanations, so the hand techniques can be seen and I can speak and work with you individually. She discusses what it takes as an artist to work with damaged skin and scar tissue, with an emphasis on breast cancer, reductions, and top surgery scarring.  

You will also go more in depth to the mental health awareness side of tattooing, and keeping yourself grounded, as not all clients have a successful outcome of their health.

Throughout this course you will discover how classical artists:
  • 4 hour Live in depth course
  • one-on-one question time
  • Live or recorded tattoo process for you to see and follow for hands on education
  • teachings from her personal book outline (tons of notes to be taken)
  • Critiques for art completed in class and healed art if you have any
  • full knowledge of what it will take to complete your tattoo from start to finish to include equipment, product, and brand knowledge

This course is required for extended advanced seminars with Lita online and in person.

Both tattoo and PMU artists are eligible for this course and future courses.

What you will need if participating in tattooing:

Your tattoo equipment:
  • 1 Shader (preferably 2.5mm vs 4.0)
  • 3 bugpin liner
  • 7-9 bugpin shader
  • 13-15 bugpin curved mag

Sheet of fake skin, any color of skin tone you wish to learn on

Inks, which we will discuss colors in the class so you would need to have yours available for selection.
  • 4 Flesh tones
  • 1 White
  • 1 Optional flesh tone color

Pen and paper (Lots of Notes)

 Lita Edwards

Tattooer, instructor.
Personal moto : “Transforming scars, Transforming Lives, One drop of ink at a time”

  • 14 year tattoo artist / 10 years as scar cover up specialist
  • Award winning 3D Areola Expert · Award winning Tattooer · Scar Coverup/Camouflage Expert
  • Highly Publicized on local and national television media
  • Featured Artist in Multiple Industry Magazine Publications
  • Featured in most local Newspaper Publications · Referred artist by Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Speak for Womens groups, Rotary Club, city of Dunedin, florida hospital
  • Featured in Dunedin Museum 2019 Tattoo Exhibit “Jagged lines, the history of tattooing in America”
  • Feature interview in multiple podcasts
  • Creator of crooked lines
  • Work with non-profits like P.Ink foundation, for breast cancer and
  • Owner of Metamorphosis Ink LLC : a studio specifically for the transformation ink brings.
  • Trademark owner of “Boobs and Tattoos” · Current mentor and educator in my home studio, hosting live classes quarterly.
  • Teaching seminars at tattoo conventions since 2018 to including Orlando’s National Tattoo Assoc. Convention, and Ink Mania
  • Color matching expert for both natural and artistic skin
  • My work will be the primary project for linking the tattoo and surgeon community at the annual plastic surgeons conference in Orlando 2022, with the intent to work with legislation in establishing a better program for those interested in this type of work, that surgeons can call upon nationwide
  • And more.

Course reviews

"LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities."
Walter White
Senior product manager
"LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities."
Walter White
Senior product manager