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Monday Night Exercises

Monday Night Exercises are a great place to improve your tattoo design skills! You will get to sit down each Monday at 9pm EST with Sandy McAndrew, the artists participating in the Reinventing The Tattoo Evolution Experience and occasional guests to work on unique tattoo design challenges. You will be able to zoom into the call and the replay will be available until the following week.

Guy Aitchison

Tattoo Artist, Painter, instructor, writer
Guy Aitchison began tattooing in 1988 and started his journey into the educational side of things not too long afterwards. His first seminar, he handed out a 30 page booklet for artists to take home and once several more of those had been made he decided to put them together to create "Reinventing The Tattoo". Since then it has evolved from a 3 ring binder to a hard cover book, to an online platform to where we are now. Guy has been helping tattoo artists become better for decades.