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Jesse Smith "Calm in the Chaos"

Jesse Smith's Calm within the Chaos live webinar coming up February 6th. Sign up now for immediate access to replay from BYOB!
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This is a three part seminar where Jesse will be discussing his Journey as an artist, his Creative Process and how he approaches Color. Throughout the seminar, he encourages his attendees to ask any questions that come to mind and is willing to discuss/share any information that the attendees are interested in. His goal with this seminar is to help spark new direction within each individual's Journey as well as reinforce any ideas/techniques that they may currently be implementing but aren't totally confident in yet.

Jesse Smith

Tattooer, instructor, repeat entrepreneur, fashion specialist, prankster, & studio owner
About me
I am a professional Makeup Artist passionate about sharing my knowledge of makeup and love of illustrations. I loves to teach women how to make themselves more naturally beautiful with strategically placed makeup to flatter and sculpt natural features.