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How to build a Paul Rogers-style pre-fab tattoo machine by Tony Urbanek

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Tony Urbanek

Tattooer, machine builder, painter, instructor, convention promoter, and jokester
Tony has been building tattoo machines since the early 1990's, and created his first series of cast frames in 2001. Throughout the years, he worked and studied with some of the best machine builders and historians in the world including Jerry Reigger, Mike Skiver,Kevin Korder, and Greg Diagicento. His machines have been sold around the world through various supply companies including the US, Germany,England and Sweden, and he still builds one-off custom steampunk, meteorite and Damascus style machines. Heavily influenced by Paul Rogers, Tony was able to acquire the specific measurements of four original machines. Tony owns Inka Dinka Doo in Pittsburgh, PA, which has been proudly tattooing Pittsburgh since 1994.