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BJ Betts Epic 3 Hour Lettering Webinar

3 hours. BJ Betts has been leading the way and setting the industry standard for lettering for over a decade. This course covers basic layout, spacing and design for the beginner to aspects of advanced font design, structure, flourishes, & ideas.
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About BJ Betts
From hip-hop to heavy artillery, and tattoos to typography, every element of BJ Betts’ eclectic career is visible in his work. Active within the same Philly rap scene that spawned icons such as Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, Steady B and a certain Fresh Prince, after taking on a military career that included service world-wide, BJ threw himself into illustration full-time, developing a hugely distinctive art style informed by his life experiences. With tattooing as his medium, his style utilizes elements from gothic imagery and Japanese folklore with an emphasis on perfecting fonts and unique lettering, even writing four guides on the subject that became instant tattoo industry standards