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Reinventing the Tattoo Canon - Gift Subscription (1 year)

Now Available: Gift subscriptions to the full Reinventing the Tattoo Canon course as well as weekly art exercises with Guy Aitchison Mondays 9pm est.

DIGITAL GIFT, no shipping. Order with your email, and within 48 hours a unique 1 time Gift Code will be emailed to you in a print friendly pdf. 

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Course reviews

“I gotta tell ya, and I know I say this a lot, but this forum has been a big time inspiration. It’s relit this flame of creating and being involved in a community that I had wondered was possible. Here it is. ”
“I subscribed in early November (I already have the 1st and second edition) but wanted to check out the new stuff. 100% worth the price, less than a dollar a day for a year subscription and you get to do weekly drawing practice with Guy, live and that's not even mentioning all the other awesome stuff that isn't in any of the books lol I highly recommend it.”
Jason Lesser
Senior product manager