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Inspiring Tattooers & Apprentices since the early 90's. Ever evolving, there is simply no other educational experience like this for tattooing.
Reinventing the Tattoo was established as a 3- ring binder book to accompany Guy Aitchison's first tattoo seminar in the early 90s. It has been evolving ever since.
  • Flagship course - 48 week guided group exercises. Classes enroll 3 times a year. 
  • Webinars from dozens of world class artists teaching design & tattooing. Live & On-Demand.
  • Free network of podcasts and video shows on youtube, the podcast directories, & more. 

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350+ pages
Massive written portion places equal emphasis on design and execution. Guest writers include Nick Baxter, Russ Abbott, Megan Jean Morris, Don McDonald, Halo Jankowski, Steve Butcher, Phil Garcia & others.

Instant access to all supporting video material

Including Guy's Technique tutorial, a massive video seminar showing a number of different tattoo effects up close, hours of coverup webinars, four Photoshop tutorial videos, and so much more. From apprentice workshops to master tattoo classes.  

Live & On-Demand art exercises

A section of the curriculum is dedicated to working in other mediums as part of your overall improvement as an artist and includes video tutorials in both acrylic and oil paint

Learn from Tattoo Vets

Reinventing is also a system for constant improvement, providing access to feedback, critiques and continuing discussion of core ideas. It's a community of like-minded artists to work with a few times a month on group projects. Think of it like your tattoo workout group...


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“I subscribed in early November (I already have the 1st and second edition) but wanted to check out the new stuff. 100% worth the price, less than a dollar a day for a year subscription and you get to do weekly drawing practice with Guy, live and that's not even mentioning all the other awesome stuff that isn't in any of the books lol I highly recommend it.”
Jason Leeser
“I subscribe to it. It’s pretty great. My girlfriend and I (both tattooers) watch a lot of the videos when we’re both off and don’t have anything to do for the day. I read the old version of the book (three ring binder copy) during my apprenticeship and the subscription service is still really useful.”
Kelli Zeien